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Sept 18-19

Oct 23 - 24

2014 Taco FloPro Factory Training
Grow your hydronic expertise and boost your profits
with Taco FloPro Factory Training.

Learn it right with John Barba, nationally recognized hydronics trainer
• Real-world, practical, hands-on learning
• NATE-Recognized and NORA Approved
• Exclusively available to FloPro Team members

Taco FloPro Factory Training is advanced training for hydronic installers and designers who want to become better educated professionals, compete more effectively, and grow their business with greater
knowledge and expertise.

Led by John Barba, one of the most respected names in the industry,
this training is authoritative, intensive hands-on learning designed to
grow your hydronic expertise as a contractor or installer.

With Taco FloPro Factory Training, you will compete on a whole new
level, armed with detailed knowledge of the latest energy saving
technologies, installation techniques and profit opportunities.
Residential Hydronics: Advanced
Soup to Variable Speed Nuts.

In this new and comprehensive, two-day course, John Barba will guide you through every vital step of designing and installing an efficient, modern residential hydronic system. You will cover every important aspect of hydronic systems including:

How to determine the heat loss of any structure and understanding the essential building block for all hydronic systems–The Universal Hydronics Formula.

Circulator sizing, how to choose the best circulator for every job, pipe sizing, air control and near-boiler piping, including truck and branch systems, one-pipe primary-secondary layouts, "moose antler" piping and hydraulic separators.
You'll get a working knowledge of low voltage wiring and learn the pros and cons of zoning with zone valves versus zoning with circulators. Then you'll move on to how to handle domestic hot water systems, from ratings, output and spec sheets to making the most of indirect systems.

Finally, you'll finish up with a close look at operating costs, the real dollars and cents of any system, how to decide whether to replace or improve a systems, and five ways to make any system more efficient.

Like all FloPro Factory Training courses, "Residential Hydronics" focuses on real-world solution to the problems you encounter daily in the field and offers ample opportunities for hands-on learning, plus plenty of interaction with the instructor and classmates.
Can't Make it To Live Training? We Bring Training to You

We created the FloPro University to give you the education, training and tools to be a stronger professional and make your business more profitable.

The content of our growing curriculum of online learning courses was designed by HVAC pros and elearning specialists to offer you practical solutions to the problems you find in the field every day.

At the FloPro University, you study at your own pace, review materials as often as you want, then test when you are ready.

As you complete FloPro University courses you are recognized for your advanced training accomplishments with a certificate and a colorful pin, visible evidence that you're an installer who's committed to broadening your professional knowledge.

Get full details about the FloPro University here and see all our available courses here.