What is e-smart?

With everyone looking for new ways to save energy, maximize system efficiency, and conserve fuel, we thought it would be handy to give you a way to find our more resourceful products quickly. You'll find the e-smart icon on the box, in our ads, and right here on line.

How can e-smart help you?

The e-smart tag is your assurance that you're installing a state of the art resource saver. Your customers will feel better, too, knowing that they're doing their part to conserve. Be sure to mention e-smart to them every time you install.

Sustainability and Taco

In recognizing that earth's resources are finite, Taco sets its sights on developing superior hydronic solutions that save materials, energy, time, and money. It has always been our goal to give back more than we take.
Zone Sentry New Zone Sentry™ zone valve uses 93% less energy!

Improve the overall performance of any zone valve system. Unique patented technology utilizes a microcircuit based logic to control a gear driven electronic acuator which drives a ball valve based body design. The Zone Sentry uses up to 93% less energy than other commonly used zone valves. That's e-smart!
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resource-saving systems and components

Residential Products
Bumble Bee Circulators
Zone Sentry Zone Valve
Plumb n' Plug
PC700, 702, 705
Variable Speed Circulators
  (00-VR, 00-VS, 00-VV,

Solar Pumping Station
Solar X-Pump Block
Radiant Mixing Block
X-Pump Block
LoadMatch Circulators

Commercial Products
Viridian Pumps
Advantage Variable Speed Drives:
  • Advantage 21
  • Advantage 61
  • Advantage 12
  • Advantage 312
  • S-Flex
  • E-Flex
  • M-Flex
  • 1900VFD

  • PC700 Boiler Reset Control
    PC702 Two Stage Boiler Reset Control
    PC705 Variable Speed Pump Mixing Control
    Radiant Mixing Block Solar X-Pump Block Solar Pumping Station iWorx by Taco Electronic Solutions Switching Relay iSeries® Mixing Valves Zone Sentry 00 Variable Speed Circ
    00 Solar Variable Speed Circ
    00 Variable Speed Outdoor Reset Circ
    00 Variable Speed, Variable Voltage Circ
    Bumble Bee Fuel Mizer (SR501-OR) Smart Plus Hot Water Recirculation Enhanced Zone Valve Control Plumb n' Plug