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See the Sights While at the NAOHSM Convention
They're not all about Chocolate
The Hershey area offers a wide variety of attractions for just about everyone. There's dining, shopping, golf, the grand old Hotel Hershey, the ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park, Hersheypark and the Hershey Museum, plus much more within easy driving distance. Learn more here and here.

FloPro Designer UPDATE
We've updated FloPro designer with more and better features to make system design even easier. Check out our new FPD page for DOWNLOADS and SUPPORT.

Connect with new customers with Taco Connect. It's easy and free! Just sign up for the FloPro Team first. More about Taco Connect

FloPro Podcasts
Join the FloPro Team, and get access to a wealth of podcasts, webinars, and technical courses. Here's a sample podcast: "Challenges & Opportunities of the 2011 Heating season." Guest: Dan Holohan.
John White
on Quality Assurance

John explains why Taco products are the best you can buy. It all starts with a CEO who wants to do his best for YOU. WATCH
The extras inside every box.

You may be surprised to learn about all the value-addeds that ship with every Taco product. We provide a wealth of free training, support, software, and community, too. Read more

FloPro e-smart
Find our most resource-saving products. FAST!

Solar Pumping Station
Everything needed for solar water heating is in one package. With just 5 connections, you're done. The Solar pumping station increases system performance by 20%, too! Read More

Low Water Cutoff family
Accurate, dependable boiler protection is here with our patented signal processing technology. Easy to install, too. Read More

Zone Sentry
Enhance overall system performance with the new Taco Zone Sentry! Read More
New at FloPro University:

Get Started with Solar Water Heating
Residential solar water heating is becoming, "the next new thing," for plumbing and heating contractors. Get started with a solid foundation with the latest new course at the FloPro University.

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Here are some of the videos currently playing in our NAOHSM booth:

The LTA-2 Low Water Cutoff

Factory Training

John Barba's Neighborhood

All About e-smart

Taco Connect

The New Taco Zone Sentry

FloPro University

The Borrowing Barba contest

FloPro Designer Software

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