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Press Page

Taco's new "Hot-Link" System, Ideal for Hot Water Recirc Retrofit
Taco has released the Hot-Link system for hot water recirculation, ideally suited as a retrofit solution for homes without a dedicated return line. The Hot-Link system includes a composite bypass valve and a stainless steel circulator with a timer and line cord. The one-pump, one-valve combo is easily installed and does away with the need to run a dedicated return line back to the water heater...MORE

Get Smart. Name the Pump, and you Get the Car
Quick: What's the name of a smart, black and yellow, high efficiency delta-T circulator that's made by Taco?...MORE

Taco Announces Enhanced "00" Circulator Warranty
Taco now offers a full, "flange-to-flange" three-year warranty on all "00" Series circulators. Taco's commitment to product quality and performance is second to none. So is their commitment to being the easiest company to do business with. To further support this mission and its circulator offering, Taco has enhanced the product warranty for all "00" Series circulators...MORE

Taco's advanced Zone Sentry™ - system-smart, energy-wise
The new Zone Sentry zone valve by Taco enhances the overall performance of any zone valve system. The Zone Sentry's patented technology uses a microcircuit-based logic to control a gear-driven electronically-actuated ball valve to control fluid flow. The advanced design uses 93% less energy than common zone valves while also delivering greater flow capacity, shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation and diagnostics, and the number of valves (12) that can be used on a standard 40VA transformer...MORE

New, high-performance 2400 Series circulators are maintenance-free
Taco's new, 2400 Series pumps are designed for quiet, efficient operation in a wide range of medium to high flow/head applications, including hydronic heating, chilled water cooling and hot water recirculation...MORE

Taco's Facebook Builds a Worldwide Community a'Twitter with News
Taco HVAC's Facebook community has grown enormously since its launch in April. Participants have joined the throng from 22 countries, including Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria, Singapore, and even from the top of Mountain Washington where Taco fan and FloPro Neighbor Steven Gronski hiked, Taco pump in hand, to go where no pump has gone before...MORE

Taco's Eclectic FloPro Neighborhood Appeals to Many Interests
Taco is building a community. The leading pumps and HVAC systems manufacturer hopes you'll consider, well, moving in. Taco's new, online FloPro Team Neighborhood is a unique learning and social environment where professionals come to gather, share notes, ideas, successes and challenges....MORE

Taco's Hydro Separator: Out-of-the-Box Primary-Secondary Solution
Taco's hydraulic separator line offers one of the most effective means of accomplishing primary-secondary piping for residential and commercial hydronic systems, typically, those with multiple zones. By creating a low pressure zone, the units enable the connected primary and secondary loops to be hydronically independent of each other. The flow in one circuit does not create flow in another....MORE

Taco iSeries Valves Fine-Tune Hydronic Temperature Control
Taco announces that its microprocessor-based iSeries mixing valves, designed to regulate and easily vary hydronic system water temperatures, is now available in a 3-way union configuration....MORE

iWorx for Complete Building Management
iWorx from Taco Electronics Solutions is an affordable, web-based building management, monitoring and control system designed specifically for residential and light commercial markets....MORE

Taco's Solar Pump Line Includes Integral Controls
Taco's latest addition to its 00® family of circulators includes a line of variable speed 00 solar pumps designed to match solar collector output, a feature that increases solar system performance by 20 percent. Taco's variable speed circulators with integral solar control includes the 009 solar drain-back circulator and several cast iron and non-ferrous pump sizes with integrated controls for jobs of all types and sizes....MORE

New Pumping Station Expands Taco's Solar Product Line
Taco's newest solar technology combines all the components needed for a closed-loop water heating system into a single, pre-engineered package. There are just five easy connections to make: two for the solar collector(s), two for the storage tank's heat exchanger, and one for the expansion tank. The solar pumping station includes an integral variable speed solar control pump, isolation ball vales, air elimination, flow meter and safety group....MORE

Taco Introduces the Solar X-Pump Block®
Taco's new Solar X-Pump Block combines a variable speed solar differential temperature control, bronze collector and storage tank circulators, and a stainless steel flat plate heat exchanger into one compact package. The variable speed controls are designed to match solar collector output, a feature that increases system performance by 20%. With just four pipe connections, the installation is complete....MORE

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